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Gëzim Gashi

Gëzim Gashi is the 22 year old who has more than 5 million views on YouTube.


He was born 29th June 1990 in Prishtina, Kosovo. Gëzim moved with his family to Sweden when he was two years old. His parents noticed very early that this is a kid who really loves music. Gëzim’s mum says “When he cried I would always put him near the radio so he could calm down and it worked all the time, it instantly put a smile on his face”

Growing up he started at an early age with dancing and writing his own songs, he recorded his first song when he was 14 years old, “Teenage Love” He also worked together with a talented female rapper Sabrina and they did more than 5 tracks together.

He performed in different citites in Sweden at the age of 15 and he record all his song in "Musikhuset, Växjö" Later Gezim started singing covers on YouTube which opened alot of doors for him, his videos got deleted in 2012 due the copyrights issues of the covers.


Thanks to his covers on YouTube he also got to meet the super producer group, Meriola/Made in Sweden who has worked with superstar like, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Nsync etc. He got coached for one day by Andreas Carlsson, (X Factor Judge Sweden) Anders Bagge & Laila Bagge (Former Swedish Idol Judges) They loved the tone of mr. Gezim singing voice and they believe he can go as far as he wants. In 2008, Gezim Gashi (only 18 years old) did his first job as an actor, he had a main roll in the musical "Beauty and a beast". Gezim Gashi moved to Hollywood, USA september 2011 and is now living in LA and Sweden, in 2012 he wrote the song "Trigger" He uploaded it with a music video produced by Urban Graphics on October and it got more than 350.000 views in just 5 weeks! Bold Music Group found Gezim Gashi around this time and now they are his management. Gezim Gashi also signed a deal with My Music Records in Poland november 2012. Trigger has aired on national tv and radio stations around the world. MTV and VIVA Poland has aired the music video. Trigger is also in top 10 in different radio stations in Poland. Trigger has also won different contest on tv about being the hottest song/video of the week. It was also the new hit song at the most famous radio station in Kosovo, Top radio! Boy Rekless the producer of Jason Derulo, Usher and Demi Lovato found Gezim through YouTube and wanted to join this crazy ride so that means he is going to produce and write new song for our artist in 2013. Gezim also announced through twitter that he will record a song with the grammy nominated Swedish rapper Lazee in early 2013. Gezim Gashi has also got alot of great support from his home country by albanian superstars like Bleona Qereti, Vesa Luma (X Factor Judge Albania) Aferdita Dreshaj (Miss Universe Kosovo 2011) and even the Minister of culture in Kosovo tweeted about Gezim saying he did a great job on Trigger and he wishes him good luck.

We have big things coming up for this special singer and we can not wait until we can reveal more news.


  • Music video "Trigger" over 350.000 views in 5 weeks!
  • More than 5 million total youtube video views around the world.
  • Trigger has started to air on the radio in USA, England, Sweden, Polen, Norway, Denmark, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, France
  • Music video airing on popular channels "My Music TV" & "MTV/VIVA"
  • Signed management Bold Music Group Sweden
  • Signed a deal with My Music Records Poland
  • Signed a music distribution deal with On Air Music Kosovo
  • Getting support of albanian superstars and the minister of culture in Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi.
  • Boy Rekless the super producer from Hollywood will mentor and write/produce songs for Mr. G.
  • Feautring a song with the grammy nominated international known swedish rapper, Lazee.
  • Performing live in Hollywood, USA 2011.




Gezim Gashi is born 29th june 1990 in Prishtina, Kosovo


Gezim moved with his family 1992 to Sweden, he grew up in a small town, Alvesta.


In september 2011 Gezim Gashi moved to Hollywood for the american dream.


Gezim Gashi always had this big dream of being an artist.


He never gave up, he always made sure that his goals and dream came true.


In 2012, he released his first music video "Trigger" getting alot of success around the world. Dream Believe Achieve!

Did you know that?


While Gezim was in Kosovo he got the chance to be behind the scenes with the international star Rita Ora for her own music video “Shine ya light”


In January 2011 Gëzim released his very first single “My Girl” written together with the Swedish Idol finalist, Sepideh Vaziri.

Gëzim Gashi


Background information

Birth name: Gëzim Gashi

Born June 29, 1990 (age 22)

Prishtina, Kosovo

Origin: Alvesta, Sweden

Genres: Pop, soul, dance-pop, R&B

Occupations: Singer, songwriter, actor

Instruments: Voice

Years active: 2010–present

Labels: Bold Music Group, My Music Records


News coming up

The albanian national newspaper wrote about mr. Gezim and his success.

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