Gezim Gashi

Speaker at Harvard University 

March 9th 2020

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By Gezim Gashi is a company founded 2018 by brothers Gezim Gashi and Behar Gashi. The company works as a producer and have extra ordinary skills in marketing, branding, events, talent scout, management and music. The company focus on giving the client the wow factor and to make business in the best possible way. The company is already working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

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"At a very young age, Gezim Gashi had a vision." - Forbes

"Gezim Gashi is a story teller." - Huffington Post

"I have rarely, probably never met someone as driven and determinded as Gezim Gashi" - Jan Gradvall, Dagens Industri Weekend

Gezim Gashi has worked with The Walt Disney Company and is the Friends of the Brands of:

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